Chila Jatun - Yana Ñawi (Ojos Negros) - Listen



Compton's N The House
from album (Straight Outta Compton) by N.W.A.
Ah yeah right about now Compton's in de motha***in' house [yeah do it do it] NWA.. 
Into The Ardent Awaited Land...
from album (En Their Medh Riki Fara...) by Falkenbach
Far away beyond the horizon, above the shadows of the horses hoofs, a maiden behind a golden shield.. 
Stay Human (All The Freaky People)
from album (Stay Human) by Spearhead
Starvation is a creation of the devil a rebel I'm bringin' food to the people like a widow b.. 


Ch'ila Jatun - Yana Ñawi (Ojos Negros) K'antu. Video Clip. L.M. Gonzalo Hermosa Camacho Jr D.R. Cochabamba Bolivia 2011



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