Bai Tap 5 Guitar - Bai Khong Ten So 4 - Vu Thanh An - Listen



from album (Ballad Of Casey Jones) by The Grateful Dead
1940 Xmas evening with a full moon over town Staggerlee met Bill DeLyon and he blew that poor boy do.. 
Same Old Song And Dance
from album (Get Your Wings) by Aerosmith
get yourself cooler, lay yourself low coincidental murder, with nothing to show when the judge's.. 
Colour My Life
from album (Colour My Life) by Oasis
If you're wondering why I've not been speaking my mind sir It took so long since I could cal.. 


Bai Tap 5 Guitar - Bai Khong Ten So 4 - Vu Thanh An. Hop am: Em Am B7 G D7. Dang hat thi het film hihi



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