Baby Kaely "New Sneakers" 6 years old another vid for the kool kidz :) - Listen



Pretty In Punk
from album (Evening Out With Your Girl) by Fall Out Boy
walking off that stage tonight i know what you're thinking and he stands alone, because he'.. 
from album (Plague Carriers Of The Crust Apocalypse) by Filthpact
The blood runs red/ Lied to, threatened, cheated and deceived/ Hear nothing, see nothing, say nothin.. 
Knock On My Door
from album (Ask For More) by Shakira
[Verse 1] I gonna obey all your wishes, as if they were orders. I gonna dye your body in kisses, wh.. 


just having fun with another quick video! enoy...just wanted to have another quick video out there for you guys..if you have any audio or visual issues my apologies.. Click to Subscribe! Kool...



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