Tres Tiros- Alfredito Olivas ft Los Nuevos Rebeldes (Estudio 2012). - Listen



Nobody Beats The Biz
from album (Goin Off) by Biz Markie
Yes, y'all-and, to the like beat-and You could either dance or just have a seat and Lis.. 
The Bottle And The Sea
from album (Send Us A Signal) by Brandtson
I've been sitting here waiting, trying to fall asleep, There is an answer in my head to see, but.. 
Soy Un Músico
from album (Requesound) by Mama Ladilla
Soy un músico, soy una puta. Soy un músico, soy lo peor. Soy un músico, no soy nadie. Soy un mús.. 


Link Del CD ''Asi Es Esto'':



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