Gaelic Song : The Rankin Family: Gillean Mo Run - Listen



from album (60's TV) by OAG
The car is burning down Escape straight to the underground Flying saucers in the air I am sitting al.. 
Bitch Gets No Love
from album (First Come First Served) by Dr. Dooom (Kool Keith)
[Dr. Dooom] Yo J you bought this bitch's food Yo these bitches ain't payin for sh.. 
There's No Other Way
from album (Leisure) by Blur
You're taking the fun out of everything You're making me run, when I don't want to think.. 


This was recorded quite a while ago , in Scotland. (translation further down) Chorus: 'S e gillean mo ruin a thogadh mo sunnd, 'S i so a' Bhliadhn' Or thug s...



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