Magic De Spell - Κυρ Παντελης (Π.Τζαβελας) - Listen



from album (Nutidens Unge) by TV-2
Natradio er virkelig godt strygermusik i stereo fantastisk flot speakerstemme, ingen hjemme, still.. 
The Heat
from album (Final Battle) by Graham Smith
I saw a little light... Then came a wave of tremendous heat And all around my feet was fire And as.. 
Club Is Your Destiny
from album (Album Unknown) by DJS
Give me the bass bass Club is your destiny Give me the bass Club is your destiny bass Give me the.. 


Kyr Pantelis - Magic De Spell (P. Tzavelas) Στίχοι: Πάνος Τζαβέλας Μουσική: Πάνος Τζαβέλας Αλμπουμ: Οκ Πατερα (2009) Έντιμε άνθρωπε κυρ Παντελή Έχεις κατάστη...



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