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Today I Started Slogging Again
from album (Deaf) by Foetus
(are you ready on the bass? organ? are you ready on guitar? shutup, shutup guitar!) ow! i'm gonn.. 
Time Is The Avenger
from album (Shadowland) by Dark Moor
From the grave I watch in the shadows Since those years, the age of deep pain When I hear the drums.. 
Where Did I Go Wrong
from album (Master Piece) by Lsg
[Featuring JD] [JD] Come on yeah yeah yeah yeah Uh huh yeah yeah yeah yeah Who.. 


Boemerdeboem Tekst en Muziek - Rick Vol Refrein Boem Boem Boem ja mijn hart sloeg als een grote trom en ik zei niets omdat ik simpelweg niet praten kon Boem ...



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