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Hiding Behind
from album (Harmony Corruption) by Napalm Death
Search for purity leads to insecurity Individuality an incapability Trapped within outside theorie.. 
Happy With What You Have To Be Happy With
from album (The Power To Believe) by King Crimson
And when I have some words This is the way I'll sing - Through a distortion box To make them.. 
Me And Bobby Mcgee
from album (Me And Bobby Mcgee) by Janis Joplin
ME & BOBBY MCGEEJanis Joplin- words and music by Kris Kristofferson- first po***rized by Roger.. 


Como tocar o choro-baião "Delicado" de Waldir Azevedo. Dúvidas sobre como ler tablaturas consulte o site



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