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Un Gogosa Hao Pago - Frank Pangelinan
Album: Bokonggo. 
Nana Yan Tatta - Frank Pangelinan
Album: Bokonggo. 
Padesi Saun Miresi - Frank Pangelinan
Album: Bokonggo. 
Saipan - Frank Pangelinan
Album: Bokonggo. 
Chamorro - Frank Bokonggo - Katrina
Sunidun Sankattan Siha Na Islas MariĆ„nas (Songs of the Northern Marianas) 
Kottura Para Un Rattu (One Moment of Culture): Frank Pangelinan's sons
The sons of the late Chamorro music legend Frank "Bokkongo" Pangelinan perform a son in his honor. 
Hinina ni Lagua - Frank Pangelinan
Album: Bokonggo. 
Ai Neni (Frank 'Bokkongo' Pangelinan Cover)- Nikita Mendiola
First take on a chamorro song on youtube. :) 
Frank "Bokonggo" Pangelinan - Atman Tiempo
This is a good Jam. 
Mike Rasmussen Triste Yu Frank Bokonggo Cover
Mike Raz recorded/edited this version of Triste Yu, an original by the late Frank Bokonggo... 
Chamolinian - Mulestia
From the 1981 album Studiante. 
Da Udda Band Triste Yu Frank Bokonggo Cover
A video tribute to the late Frank Bokonggo. The previous version of the music in this video was... 
Pangelinan Christmas
Grandkids Caroling. 
Classic Chamoru by Man Antes
Man Antes plays classic Chamoru hits by JD Crutch (Guinafen Munglo) and Frank "Bokkongo"... 
Roman Tudela,jr= Yanggen Un Hahasso
Ed Taimanglo - Ai Yuus.wmv
Chamorro Music. 
5. SI NANA GI FAMILIA (The Mother of the Family) by: Johnny Sablan.
First, I do not own the images and the song! This is Johnny Sablan- Chamorro Yu Album. 5. SI NANA... 
Chamolinian - Kuronan Flores
From the 1981 album Studiante. 
9. TIU FAN GUAIYA TALO (I'll Never Love Again) by: Johnny Sablan
First, I do not own the images and the song! This is Johnny Sablan- Chamorro Yu Album. 9. TIU FAN... 
LamLam Fields Back Home
"LamLam Fields Back Home" by Ben LamLam San Nicolas. Video by Stel Star Productions. Taken on the... 
JD Crutch ~ Baihu Saga Unratu
"Whatcha Say" Veronica Jean & Loco Kidd (NEWSONG)
Veronica Jean & Loco Kidd New Original Song "Whatcha Say" 
Hagu yan Guahu-Toni & Sussette.wmv
Kantan Chamoru. 
Munga Ma Sangan De sha
Kantan Chamoru. 
Jesse Bias Mangingi
Konni Yu' Tatti (Take Me Back)
Remake of "Take Me Back" by Black Roses w/lyrics in Chamorro by Marvin Deleon Guerrero. 
It's You- Dan Pocaigue & Nadine.wmv
Kantan Chamoru. 
Bert Laniyo - kokoris
Munga Ma Sangan ~ Nora
Nora singing at her Talent Show at Ethnic Fest 05/28/11. 
Chamorro Music - gonna miss you girl
KC DeLeon Guerrero.wmv
One more from KC. 
Chamorro Singer Remy & Jocelyn Toves U Guiya Hao Tata (Gambulera)
1st album. 
Chamorro Singer Remy & Jocelyn Toves 2nd Album( TI FLORES NA GUAHU.)
This album is only on tape not on cd at all. 
Hu Nae Hao Nanahu (Traditional Chamorro Hymn)
Arranged by Bert Delgado and Karl Cepeda, sung by Cantate Alumni and current Cantate Members,... 
JONAHandJAGER 22 Streetlights
This is a clip of Jonah and Jager singing their ORIGINAL, 22 Streetlights at Hotel Santa Fe... 
Mico & Stevie perform "Triste Yu"
Castro Boys- Bring it on Home to me
Anold Kaipat
song for dad
Tinian's finest. belead at. yezure. 
Roman Tudela,jr= Hagu Malago Hu
KC DLG early years
KC DLG from the early years. 
Joe Mendiola ft. Jason Cruz "Nana-hu"ORIGINAL SONG
Original song With my cousins. 
a chamorro song ukulele cover
A chamorro song by k. duenas. 
Jesse Manibusan - "Forever Chamorro"
The world-renowned inspirational singers shares his faith and talent on KUAM News Extra. 
Daryl Lizama Guam Cha Cha mix!!
Another mix i did here at home on my cd turntables ! Enjoy! Daryl 671-888-0743. 
L.B.R. - Divide Us Never ft. Savage K
"OUT OF NOWHERE" L.B.R. & Savage-K representin the Sick7One. 
Alexandro Sablan..... Chamorro Chamorru 671 670 Guam Guahan Saipan Rota Luta Tinian KUAM CNMI MCV Marianas
Chamorro Chamorru 671 670 Guam Guahan Saipan Rota Luta Tinian KUAM CNMI MCV Marianas. 
Gerald De Leon Guerrero. 
(PART 1 OF 3) For our Beloved Cecilia P. Matagolai, may you Rest In Peace. From your... 

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