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Jacky Cheung 張學友 [用餘生去愛/The Rest Of Time ]Official 官方 MV
張學友「Wake Up... 
張學友-友情歌金曲串燒(1985-2002) Jacky Cheung Megamix
Jacky Cheung 張學友[我醒著做夢/Wake Up Dreaming] Official 官方 MV
Jacky Cheung 張學友 [時間有淚/Tears Of Time]Official 官方 MV
張學友「Wake Up... 
Jacky Cheung - Everlasting Love
Jacky Cheung perfoming "Everlasting Love" in his 2002-2003 Music Odyssey Concert. 
Jacky Cheung 張學友 [你說的 /You Said It ]Official 官方 MV
張學友「Wake Up... 
張學友 Jacky Cheung ( 金曲35周年榮譽大獎得主 )( live 2013 )( lyrics )
第35屆十大中文金曲頒獎音樂會], 張學友先生在當晚的精彩演出. 曲目:... 
愛是永恆 - 張學友 Jacky Cheung
張學友 你的名字我的姓氏 Jacky Cheung Ni De Ming Zi Wo De Xing Shi
Jacky Cheung - Li Xiang Lan 张学友 - 李香兰
From 2003 Music Odyssey Concert. 
Jacky Cheung - Goodbye Kiss
Jacky Cheung music video karaoke a goodbye kiss to someone dear. This song has a rendition in... 
Jacky Cheung: 每天愛你多一些 Cantonese version with pinyin/translation (see description)
To download the MP3 of this song and many more, visit my website at .... 
張學友|離開以後 (高清音)
In Love With You - Jacky Cheung & Regine Velasquez
It was kind of hard to get a good quality karaoke version as they're either too soft or the audio... 
Hui Tou Tai Nian - Jacky Cheung - Zhen Ai ( Xin Qu, Zhen Zheng Jing Xuan)
Singer: Jacky Cheung 張學友 Song: Hui Tou Tai Nian Album: Zhen Ai ( Xin Qu, Zhen Zheng Jing... 
Jacky Cheung - Yi Qian Ge Shang Xin De Li You
Jacky Cheung's music video, nice video, dramatic scenes. 
張學友 心如刀割 Xin Ru Dao Ge Jacky Cheung
Priscilla Chan 陳慧嫻 and Jacky Cheung 張學友- Back To Priscilla 2014 (20) - 輕撫你的臉
輕撫你的臉(Gently touch your face). Back To Priscilla 30th Anniversary Concert... 
張學友2007世界巡迴演唱會 Jacky Cheung 2007 World Tour Concert
Jacky Cheung 張學友 07 Wo xing zhe zuo meng 我醒著做夢
張學友(Jacky Cheung) – 醒著做夢Artist : Jacky Cheung Album : Wake Up Dreaming Genre :... 
张学友 - Cry [HQ]
Jacky cheung. 
Jacky Cheung - Everlasting Love
Artist: Jacky Cheung Title: Everlasting Love. 
Jacky Cheung - Qing-shu 情書
Here's a old goodie, clearly one of my biggest childhood heroes. His kind of Music still inspires... 
Jacky Cheung - Leaving After 張學友 - 離開以後
Jacky Cheung - Leaving After 張學友- 離開以後Polygram 1995 concert. 
Jacky Cheung 張學友 02 Shi jian you lei 時間有淚
張學友(Jacky Cheung) – 醒著做夢Artist : Jacky Cheung Album : Wake Up Dreaming Genre :... 
2014-08-30 張學友Jacky Cheung - 還是覺得你最好 @ 演唱會之父耀榮紅館SHOW
2014-08-30 張學友Jacky Cheung - 還是覺得你最好@ 演唱會之父榮耀紅館SHOW. 
Jacky Cheung & Gao Hui Jun - Ni Zhui Zhen Gui
A Duet. 
Wen Bie ( Kiss Goodbye ) - Jacky Cheung
In Love With You - Regine Velasquez ft. Jacky Cheung
In Love With You - a collaboration of Ms. Regine Velasquez & Jacky Cheung, is a personal favorite... 
Jacky Cheung 張學友 06 Kong su 控訴
張學友(Jacky Cheung) – 醒著做夢Artist : Jacky Cheung Album : Wake Up Dreaming Genre :... 
张学友 李香兰 Jacky Cheung Li Xiang Lan With Lyrics
张学友李香兰Jacky Cheung Li Xiang Lan karaoke. 
Jacky Cheung (張學友)- Waiting For You Till My Heart Aches (等你等到我心痛) [lyrics & annotations]
Song: 等你等到我心痛(dang nei dang dou ngo sam seui) Translation: Waiting for you till my... 
Jacky Cheung 張學友 03 Ni shuo de 你說的
張學友(Jacky Cheung) – 醒著做夢Artist : Jacky Cheung Album : Wake Up Dreaming Genre :... 
Jacky Cheung feat Regine Velasquez - In Love With You (NHK Japan)
Regine Velasquez singing "In Love With You" with Jacky Cheung live at NHK Japan Lyric : (Jacky)... 
張學友金曲串燒2 Jacky Cheung Medley Part 2
友情歌金曲串燒(1985-2002): Part 1:... 
jacky cheung张学友---你的名字我的姓氏(
Jacky cheung张学友---你的名字我的姓氏( 
Ai Wo Bie Zou - Jacky Cheung
Jacky Cheung singing A-Yue's "爱我别走" in concert 2007 Note: Please do not post anything... 
Jacky Cheung and Wang Wan Zi - Hurt
Jacky Cheung in concert featuring Wang Wan Zi singing "Hurt" 
In Love with you - Regine Velasquez and Jacky Cheung
One of my favorite Songs. 
一片痴, 為妳鍾情 - 張學友 Jacky Cheung ( live 2013 ) ( lyrics )
( 張國榮繼續寵愛十年音樂會)[ 10 MISS YOU MUCH LESLIE ]... 
Jacky Cheung & Regine Velasquez | In Love With You [合唱] (高清音)
歌詞: Jacky Just a gentle whisper, tell me that you'd gone Leaving only memories, where did... 
張學友 Jacky Cheung - 忘記你我做不到 I Can't Forget You
1996 張學友忘記你我做不到LYRIC:... 
真情流露 ----- 張學友 Jacky Cheung
真情流露- 張學友Jacky Cheung... 
Jacky Cheung 張學友 - 傷追人 (原唱: 古巨基)
Jacky Cheung - The Flying Fox Of The Snowy Mountain 1999 theme
Jacky Cheung - The Flying Fox Of_The Snowy Mountain 1999 theme 张学友- 爱你痛到不知痛. 
Jacky Cheung & Anita Mui - 祝福 (1994和平創未來巨星匯演)
Cen Ai (True Love) - Jacky Cheung.mp4
Very nice romantic song by Jacky...I like it, hope you all too :) Video Size (320 x 240), Sound... 
♬ ♫ ♪ Jacky Cheung 張學友 - 期待 ♪ ♫ ♬
Song: 期待Artist: 張學友Album: 夢中的妳Year: 1990 Track: #7 Lyricist: 簡寧Composer:... 

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