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Sword Art Online 2 OP 「Ignite - Eir Aoi」 [Guitar Cover]
A simple arrangement of SAO II (GGO) opening song standarad tuning (EBGDAE) Anime : Sword Art... 
Aoi, the Stupid Beauty
Here is my fanvid with Beauty & Stupid, by Hide, I think it totally suits him XD. Enjoy~ 
the GazettE- Headache man [Aoi angle]
Aoi Shiori - Galileo Galilei (Música de Abertura de Ano Hana)
Oi, Oi pessoas como vão? Fiquei super feliz em saber q o meu primeiro video foi bem recebido ^.^... 
Anohana Opening Song TV Size
Hi Please Enjoy :D. Menma wa koko ni :D. 
[Lyrics + Vietsub] The Rose - Aoi Teshima {Obsessed 2014 Ending Song} ~
Vid cắt từ phim Obsessed: Trans + Timer + Tser + Video Editor:... 
Hikari (Aoi Teshima) - Piano Version - by Sam Yung
Decided to try something different here. This is my piano arrangement of Aoi Teshima's Hikari,... 
Aoi Mori-MUCC
This song starts and ends a little different sounding. Otherwise this is another good song, with... 
【ソードアート・オンライン II / Sword Art Online II】OP #1 - Eir Aoi 「IGNITE」 (Acoustic Guitar Cover)
Tuning: E - F# - D# - G# - B - E (Capo fret 1) TAB:... 
Aoi Teshima sings Tasogare from Gedo Senki
あの花 - Ano Hana OP- 青い栞 Aoi Shiori - Galileo Galilei (Acoustic Guitar Cover)
Check my new Aoi Shiori cover/collab with Seion! - Tabs -... 
Angela- Aoi Haru (Romaji Karaoke)
TMFSE & Aoi - "Franklin Gothic Green" FULL ALBUM STREAM
The Man From Somewhere Else & Aoi - "Franklin Gothic Green" Smokers Cough 2014 Download on... 
Aoi Shiori (Galileo Galilei) by Kopitonez
From the Winter 2013 concert. Song: Aoi Shiori OPB: Galileo Galilei Solo: Grace Kanzawa and... 
Ao no Kiseki Evolution OST - I Pray For You -Aoi Kiseki- (ED)
Brave Song-Aoi Tada Lyrics
Angel Beats Ending 1...(Brave Song) 
Snow- Yamazaki Aoi
Song: Snow Singer: Yamazaki Aoi Album: Tsunagaru. 
Aoi Sekai no Chuushin de Opening 1 HD
Dale me gusta en el Boton de alla arriba y suscribete!! es gratis.. PARA VERLO MEJOR PONLO EN... 
Aoi Bara 0001
A song that I really love by Rurutia! Disclaimer: I don't own this song. All the rights to the... 
[Aoi Bungaku] Most Emotional OSTs Of All Time "Kokoro" ᴴᴰ
Enjoy the 4 Min Extended Version Of this Music in HD I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING THE PICTURE NOR THE... 
Rayflower - Aoi Ito / Blue Thread (Uraboku ED) [FULL!]
The full version of Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru ED. Rayflower - Aoi Ito (Blue Thread)... 
[LIVE Carpe Diem Tour] Aqua Timez - Aoi Sora
Lagu yang pertama kali membuat saya jatuh hati dengan Aqua timez, xD well, video ini (mungkin)... 
アイカツ!Kiriya Aoi [ Stranger Alien ] Episode 90
Nightcore - [Aoi Tori] Bleach End 27
This is a fanmade vedio I do not own the song of the vedio all the credit go to their respective... 
蒼井空(Aoi Sola)—第二夢(the Second Dream)高清MV
【Music】Aoi Sola —the Second Dream—HD MV 蒼井空中文单曲『第二夢』高清MV. 
TMFSE and Aoi - "You Only Die Once" (Official Video)
Buy on Itunes- Stream/Buy on... 
The idolm@ster - Kisaragi Chihaya - Aoi Tori [VOSTFR]
Oyé oyé ! traduction française de Aoi Tori de Kisaragi Chihaya ( Asami Imai ) de The... 
Towards the Terra - Aoi Hoshi
First YouTube video uploaded by myself, so I hope you all enjoy. The following video includes a... 
MusiQ Vol.13 Aoi photoshoot
MusiQ Vol.13 Aoi photoshoot. 
Aoi MI DA RA (pv)
New pv ! :) 
Aoi Tsuki 蒼い月 - Dir en grey
Kai and Aoi backstage
Trop marrant regardez nos chers compères comme on les a jamais vu!^^ Aoi xD! KOREGA... 
LiSA / EIR AOI Live in AFA(short ver.) | Music Video Recorder | Sony
AFA Singapore... 
Aoi & Ryohei incl. Ayabie-Megamasso - Monochrome Live
Monochrome Live STARTING OVER ~LIVE! LIVE!! La EVE!!!~ at Shibuya O-EAST 2010.12.24. 
Aoi [BOUNTY] - Eden [PV]
Aoi [BOUNTY] - Eden [PV] enjoy. 
Aoi Tada - scarborough fair
Anime: Angel Beats! 
Aoi Tori Ichiruki (Bleach ending 27)
Japanese Song - Misora Hibari - Aoi Sanmyaku (Mavi Sıradağlar)
Eir Aoi Innocence Dahsyat 5 September 2013
Eir Aoi on Dahsyat - 5 September 2013. 
Aoi - Masquerade
Impulses - "AOI" Official Teaser Video
Http:// - Impulses - "AOI" - Like this video? Come see thousands more at the Net's... 
FY Character Songs - Aoi Jiyuu, Shiroi Nozomi
Fushigi Yuugi character duet Tasuki (Hayashi Nobutoshi) and Chichiri (Tomokazu Seki) "Aoi Jiyuu,... 
Eir Aoi - Ignite @Hai day 2014
J-Music Lab ~ Hai Day 2014. 
Con chó hách trên sever Trung cấp + soi A.O.I :3
Aoi Kage [ Ballad ver. ] Lyrics + Download
I needed a break from the amv I'm working on atm, so I decided to try making a lyrics vid. I... 
[Vietsub & Kara] Sayonara no Natsu - Aoi Teshima
Song: Sayonara no Natsu ♪ Music: Aoi Teshima ♪ OST Kokuriko Zaka Kara ♪ Timing & Edit:... 
[Vietsub + Kara] Teshima Aoi - Ai wo Komete Umi
I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING I just translated to Vietnamese and subbed it, because I love this song. 
Aoi Yume Lyrics.wmv
Aoi Yume Lyrics. 
( Eir Aoi & Luna Haruna Concert Interview @ Sakura-Con 2013 [春奈るな, 藍井 エイル]
Please watch the full video here: In our first... 
Honey Bee [Aoi Kentaroh/Kentarou/Kentaro 葵剣太郎]

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